B.C. watercolour, mixed media and glass artist

Art has become a life force I can’t imagine living without. After studies in graphic design and fine art, glass stoked my creative fire and became my primary creative outlet. A glass artist for 28 years with a leaning towards contemporary and mission-style work, in this past decade I discovered a passion for painting, abstract watercolour in particular.

Why we make art is unique to every artist. For me, it is exploration, learning, growing, meditation, pursuit(?) of flow, it elevates my joy, it challenges, pushes me out of my comfort zone and is often my most personal therapy. I love everything about the process – from the “failures” to the surprising "successes".  The always unexpected happy accidents reinforce an important life lesson for me - to trust in yourself and the universe and let go of the outcome. The fulfillment I seek through art is rarely  found in the outcome. I personally find the greatest joy in the elusive nourishment of  immersion in a flow state.

The intangible benefit of art making is being a formal or informal part of the most remarkable local and global community of open-hearted fellow explorers it connects me with. What began as art therapy ten years ago, has become an inspiring, energizing, life force.  A healthy habit I work at committing to more and more. My motivation to show stems from a discipline to sustain this - twist on "ends justified the means" I suppose. The deadlines and comitments to show, reinforce working the muscle of showing up to fulfull the desire to show to reap the personal health benefits, the personal reward of making art.  Forces the keeping of consistent space for it and the forces the finishing. So many Artists I know understand this piece - with so many exciting and fun starts in my repertoire, it forces the finishing! Showing also encourages me to face one of the biggest challenges with the greatest related personal growth value - discovering and owning my voice.











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